Messenger // Yuan Zhang

Infinispace – Messenger // Yuan Zhang

“Hey mister!  My balloon!” the boy cried at the speeding Necro.  “Come back!”

The Necro laughed maniacally and mechanically as he swivelled his masked head back to the balcony on which sat a now despondent boy.  Serves the sniveling rat right for being outdoors during Soulstice.  Losing a play thing should be the least of his worries today.  The thought crossed his mind to turn his sled around and teach the boy a lesson.  But he was late, terribly late, and when a Necro is summoned on Soulstice he always comes.  Protocol dictates as much.  The boy would have to wait for his day.  When it came, whether it be tomorrow or eighty years from today, the Necro would remind him of the day he narrowly escaped harvest on his ninth birthday.

Trailing stinking vapors of death and spewing gouts of flame the sled bore the laughing Necro deeper in to the dark metropolis.

Messenger // Yuan Zhang
Messenger // Yuan Zhang

Note: “Infinispace” is a series that melds concept and word. It’s an idea that’s fundamental to the Infinispace concept . . . “Infinite worlds, infinite possibilities.” The idea is to present credited art and wrap my spur of the moment interpretive narrative around the piece . . . whatever first pops in to my head, stream of consciousness style. When available a link to the artist’s website will be included, but artists will always be given full credit.

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