Huge // Christian Bravery

Infinispace – Huge // Christian Bravery

Showla lifted the hat from her shaded face and sniffed. The fresh, clean air of the plains held a tinge of corruption she had never smelled before. She sat up slowly willing her lazy, sun warmed limbs to life. From atop the squat hillock she could survey her herd grazing languidly in the fields, and far in the distance she could see her Keepers circling in the sky, ensuring that none of the herd strayed.

Far to the south, just over the horizon, a discrete column of black smoke drifted and dissipated in the prevailing winds of early morning. Black smoke. That was odd. The only other occasion she had seen black smoke was from the volcano many days journey to the northeast, but that volcano had not been active since she was a small child. Showla looked through the eyes of one of her Keepers hoping that its soaring height and superior vision would allow her to see over the horizon. It didn’t. She had to investigate.

With a thought Showla ordered her Keepers to move the herds back to the village. She set the wide brimmed hat on her head and started down the hill with purpose, her staff making swish, swish sounds through the tall grass and wildflowers as she swung it to match her rapid gait.

When the sun was low in the sky Showla could at last make out the source of the corruption. Several miles away was a silvery beast that dwarfed the landscape surrounding it. From it spewed forth noxious black fumes and a din of chaotic noise so raucous that even at this distance was hard to endure. The size and unnatural nature of the beast terrified her.

Huge // Christian BraveryHuge // Christian Bravery

The ground beneath her feet trembled as she stood transfixed by what she saw.

It’s moving, she thought to herself.  How can something the size of an entire village move?

She tore off two thin strips of cloth from her skirt, balled them up, then stuffed them in her ears in an attempt to attenuate the screeching and roaring that was rolling across the plains. Wrapping a thicker swatch of cloth around her tanned face she set off at a trot to investigate further.

Reaching the crest of a hill her progress was stopped short by a gaping chasm that she knew was not part of the natural terrain. A series of them now scarred the plains, fully fifty feet deep, and at least double that in width. She traces the scars to the feet of the beast that was now only a mile away, slowly crawling towards the mist shrouded mountains in the distance.

“This is no beast,” she muttered. “It’s some sort of mecha. Time to see who controls this abomination…and where it comes from.”

Showla closed her eyes and sent the Keeper she’d brought with her in the direction of the invader.

Note: “Infinispace” is a series that melds concept and word. It’s an idea that’s fundamental to the Infinispace concept . . . “Infinite worlds, infinite possibilities.” The idea is to present credited art and wrap my spur of the moment interpretive narrative around the piece . . . whatever first pops in to my head, stream of consciousness style. When available a link to the artist’s website will be included, but artists will always be given full credit.

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