Hounds by Jiwon Pang

Infinispace – Hounds // Jiwon Pang

Prisoners of war can be a tricky thing.  Sometimes you’ve got your docile, broken, ready to piss their pants types…if they wear pants.  Other times you’ve got your defiant, screw you, you can’t touch me, antiquated Troxian Convention types.  Then you’ve got the Dzaraks.  Jesus Christ.  It’s nothing but fury and rage 24 fucking 7!  That is if you’re part of an outfit unlucky enough to be part of an operation that manages to take one alive.  I’d just as soon drop a plasma grenade down their festering gullet than have to feed them, or listen to them.  Let me tell you, I’ve been in the Grenadiers for twenty years and I’d almost, ALMOST, rather buy it on some outback shithole planet than have to be within one hundred meters of a live Dzarak.  But I’m short in the Grens, and unlucky.  I’m not about to toss away my retirement melting the piece of alien garbage bellowing in my face right now for no good reason other than he sucks as soldiering.  I just don’t care.  So keep screaming shitface.  Put a finger on me, go ahead.  Give me a reason to end you right now so I can go take a shower and wash your stink off me!

Hounds // Jiwon PangHounds // Jiwon Pang

Note: “Infinispace” is a series that melds concept and word. It’s an idea that’s fundamental to the Infinispace concept . . . “Infinite worlds, infinite possibilities.” The idea is to present credited art and wrap my spur of the moment interpretive narrative around the piece . . . whatever first pops in to my head, stream of consciousness style. When available a link to the artist’s website will be included, but artists will always be given full credit.

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