Daily Science Fiction Stories for June, 2013

Get your short story read on!

DSF is pleased to announce their line up of stories for June. They will appear on the web one week after their email publication.

The DSF Madness has completed. Congratulations to “Twenty Ways the Desert Could Kill You” by Sarah Pinsker for the victory. Final results here. http://Dailysciencefiction.com/documents/dsf-madness-bracket-2013.pdf .

June 3 “Pictures in Crayon” by Elizabeth Shack

June 4 “Note to Self” by Hans Hergot

June 5 “Three Wishes” by Melissa Mead [Twisted Fairy Tales]

June 6 “True Love” by Alex Shvartsman

June 7 “The Ships That Stir Upon the Shore” by Rahul Kanakia

June 10 “Jumping Into the Sky” by Samantha Murray

June 11 “Curing Day” by Dustin T. Adams

June 12 “City of Chrysanthemum” by Ken Liu

June 13 “Dark, Beautiful Force” by Jessica May Lin

June 14 “I’ll Leave the Light On” by Patricia Russo

June 17 “The Silver Witch” by Tara Calaby

June 18 “Holy Diver” by Gra Linnaea

June 19 “Big Bad’s Hot Date” by Melissa Mead [Twisted Fairy Tales]

June 20 “Restorative” by Andy Dudak

June 21 “While Memory Holds a Seat” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

June 24 “All Kinds to Make a World” by Georgina Bruce

June 25 “Pinned and Wriggling on the Wall” by Usman T. Malik

June 26 “Such Days Deserved” by Lee Hallison

June 27 “The Frenchman’s Jihad” by JT Howard

June 28 “Melancholia in Bloom” by Damien Walters Grintalis

For more information: http://www.dailysciencefiction.com

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