The Art of Peter Elson

I first took notice of Peter Elson’s work when I was a young kid who became infatuated with science fiction after the release of the first Star Wars movie in 1977.  Not long after this I was haunting a small bookstore in my equally small town when I ran across the book Great Space Battles (1979).  It was a large format book full of amazing science fiction artwork as well as adventurous short stories to complement the art (and vice versa).  Approximately half of the art selection shown below is from that book.

The Art of Peter Elson (portrait)

 Mr. Elson was born in 1947 in London. In the 1960s he attended art college and shortly thereafter began a career in the field.  He’s best known for his numerous science fiction book covers, but he worked in many genres creating hundreds of pieces over the years.

His work went on to heavily influence the popular Homeworld series of computer games.  To pay tribute to his inspiration the creators of the game named a character after him, Captain Elson.

He died in 1998 (at the young age of 51) from a heart attack while working on a painting.

His postumous website shows hundreds of his works, and you can find it here:


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