Subterranean Magazine Winter 2013

Subterranean Press has released the Winter 2013 magazine issue.  The magazine is free (online) and is a great source for science fiction, fantasy and horror short fiction.  This issue contains some very lengthy tales in the form of two novelettes and two novellas.

Subterranean‘s 25th issue continues with the new policy of posting the complete contents online all at once, rather than in a weekly rolling format. This is the special Walter Jon Williams issue, with a brand new novella and a classic reprint, “Surfacing” — which I read years ago in a Dozois Best of the Year anthology, and had something to do with communicating with big alien whales. It’s cool, you should check it out.

Here’s the complete table of contents:

Raptors,” by Conrad Williams – novelette
Hard Silver,” by Steven R. Boyett – novelette
The Boolean Gate,” by Walter Jon Williams –  novella
Surfacing,” by Walter Jon Williams – novella

In addition to the book line, Subterranean publishes its namesake magazine, which includes over 60,000 words of free fiction in each quarterly issue. In the past, Subterranean has included original tales by Robert Silverberg, Ted Chiang, Kelly Link, Maria Dahvana Headley, Lucius Shepard, Garth Nix, Kage Baker, and many others.

You can find their website in the links above or here.

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