Neil Gaiman’s The Price Concept Movie

Neil Gaiman is a writer that can fill a reader with dread, wonder and amazement using very few words. One of my favorite novels of his is The Graveyard Book for this very reason.  He has also worked his magic in the short story The Price, so much so that Christopher Salmon of Silver Fish Productions put together a lovingly crafted animatic as a proof of concept to show to Gaiman in hopes that he could secure the rights to the movie in order to make a fully animated film.  He did this back in 2010.

Neil Gaiman's The PriceApparently the animatic worked, as the movie is indeed being made.

Christopher just released the full length, 16+ minute animatic (see below) that he made for Neil.  If you’re interested in finding out more about The Price and the status of the film head over to the official site and read through the production blog.

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