Minecraft Players Recreating Earth 1:1500 Scale

Surely by now everyone has heard of Minecraft, that really clunky and graphically prehistoric game that has made its creator rich, and eaten up countless billions of geek-hours.  Think of it as Legos on raging steroids.  I’ve tried it but found that it just wasn’t the sandbox I wanted to play in, but millions of people do…which is obvious from the endeavor that is being undertaken by some players.

You read that right.  Players are attempting to recreate the entire surface of the Earth via virtual “legos” at 1:1500th scale.  Thus this “virtual Earth” will have an in game diameter of 5.27 miles and a circumference (thanks to Mr. Pi) of 16.5 miles.

I’ve watched some of the Minecraft videos on Youtube (see below for one) and have always thought some of these guys are either nuts or brilliant…but you know what they say about the separation of insanity and genius.

Check out the project on Planetminecraft.com.

Yes, someone created a functional calculator using Minecraft.

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