Firefly Universe Online…Lives!

Browncoats everywhere can rejoice!  Firefly Universe Online has risen from the dead.   It appears that Fox has given their blessings to DarkCryo Entertainment to continue developing their browser based MMORPG that takes place in the Firefly universe.  Presumably this MMO will use a “free to play” model since all but a handful of games have moved to this.  Free to play meaning microtransactions.

The game seemed in limbo after DarkCryo began development without the approval (or licensing) of the Firefly intellectual property from Fox.  But it appears that either a deal has been struck or that Fox is feeling charitable in the new year.  Regardless, Fox should still be raked over the coals for cancelling the show in December of 2002.  Has it really been ten years?!

Here’s a short statement posted on DarkCryo’s Facebook page

With the well wishes of Fox Entertainment Group, we have reactivated the FUO MMORPG Facebook page in preparation for our upcoming kickstart campaign.

Happy Holidays and a Shiny 2013!

The catch is that future funding will be done via Kickstarter. But based on previous gaming Kickstarters and the rabid fan base, I predict they will have no problem hitting the goal they set.

[UPDATE] Apparently this news was a hoax.  Sometimes the things people choose to perpetuate as a hoax is really strange.

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