1 by Alex Ichim

1 by Alex Ichim

Note: This vignette is a continuation from City Red.

Collector AIs 4K9QEKDQ and B9Y5YBHV exited the mundanity of the elevator, forced to adhere to the same loose physical laws of Möbius City as clients.  After all, who would want to play in an environment where the rulemakers could circumvent the rules?  The point was to attract Citizens to the Continuum, not scare them away.  But on rare occassions, even in Möbius City, rules needed to be enforced.

1 by Alex Ichim
Concept art of the day:
1 by Alex Ichim.

“So who’s the victim this time?” Forkay asked.

“I dunno, some wealthy Spire elder got his shit jacked by another hotshot probably looking to fund a year of access with one job,” Benign replied.

Forkay shrugged, and lifted his weapon to his shoulder as he scanned the hallway leading to the roof of the building.  “What have you got going on after this patrol?”

Benign froze for a moment, accessing his job queue. “Looks like I’ll be recompiled as a non-player character in a Battlespace.”

“Nice, hope you get a good one.  I’ll be reassigned as a sandwich advertisement in Realspace.  Can you believe that, a fuckin’ sandwich ad!”

Benign let out a close approximation of a chuckle, then raised his hand.  “Hold up, here’s the roof access. Remember, identifying, collecting and expunging the perp is first priority.  Recovering the avatar is secondary.”

“Yeah, yeah . . . got it.  Let’s hit the roof so I can get to selling those shit sandwiches,” Forkay growled.

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