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Retro Review: Hollow Man

Hollow Man

Want to see great special effects? Fine, watch Hollow Man. Wanna be entertained? Then stay away. The film does have its moments, but I found myself waiting for the credits to come …

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Retro Review: The Legend of Drunken Master

The Legend of Drunken Master

If you like Jackie Chan and can’t get enough of that awe-inspiring action, you will love the The Legend of Drunken Master. If not, I suggest you go anyway just to witness the unusual “Drunken Boxing” fighting style. It’s a refreshing break from traditional martial arts films.

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Retro Review: Aliens

Aliens is an instant classic, rife with memorable scenes, heat pounding action, and quotable one liners. It transformed the stalking and sinister xenomorph into a Colonial Marine slaying monster. If you don't own it, …

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