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Gregory Benford’s Galactic Center Series

Galactic Center Series

I am embarking on another series read for 2015.  Gregory Benford’s Galactic Center Series.  I make no promises that I will finish the series in 2015 considering I’m also reading Banks’ Culture Series in addition to may other books I’ll …

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Review: Marsbound Trilogy by Joe Haldeman

Short Attention Span Review™ Marsbound Starbound Earthbound 2.3 While possessing an interesting premise, The Marsbound Trilogy is plagued with unlikable characterization, inconsistent prose, meandering plot, and an abrupt and unsatisfying deus ex machina ending. Not recommended. User Rating: Be the …

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Revelation Space Universe Chronology

Revelation Space Universe

After years of putting it off I’ve finally decided to delve in to Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space future histories. I don’t partake on these extended literary journeys lightly. I first read Revelation Space when it came out in 2000. When I concluded the final …

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