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Retro Review: Gateway by Frederik Pohl

Gateway by Frederik Pohl

Short Attention Span Review™ Gateway 5.0 I've always believed that Gateway would make an incredible movie, or television show, given the right script treatment. Winner of most of the top science fiction literature awards, Gateway is Frederik Pohl's greatest work, …

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Camouflage by Joe Haldeman

Short Attention Span Review™ Camouflage 3.0 Don't say I didn't warn you about the ending, and to call Camouflage a science fiction book is a stretch, and to award it a Nebula award was a crime. No offense Joe.Average User …

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Retro Review: Ringworld by Larry Niven

Short Attention Span Review™ Ringworld 3.0 What makes great science fiction writers "great" is the ability to capture a great concept while telling a compelling story. I could just as easily have read an article in a scientific journal and …

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The Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story

Short Attention Span Review™ The Real Story 4.0 The Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story is a vile repulsive story. Angus Thermopyle is one of the most despicable piece of antagonist trash I've had the pleasure to share a story …

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