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Review: Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds

Short Attention Span Review™ Chasm City 4.0 Chasm City is a complex, thread heavy roller coaster of a ride, less space opera and more gothic-noir space adventure. But be warned, nothing is really as it seems until about the last …

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Review: Zodiac by Neal Stephenson

Zodiac by Neal Stephenson

Short Attention Span Review™ Zodiac 3.0 One thing is certain about Zodiac. You'll never look at eating lobster the same again . . . or ever eat it again. Neal Stephenson is one talented speculative fiction beast, but not everyone …

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Review: Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days

Short Attention Span Review™ Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days 4.0 I enjoyed both novellas quite a bit, each one weighing in at about 140 odd pages. Reynolds' writing style in these two tales is quite a bit different than his full …

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Review: The Petrovitch Trilogy by Simon Morden

Samuil Petrovitch Trilogy by Simon Morden

Short Attention Span Review™ The Petrovitch Trilogy 3.5 A fun, quick, action packed romp through the ruined streets of the London Metrozone. But don't expect any earth shattering epiphanies to rise from the pages of The Petrovitch Trilogy.Good User Rating: …

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