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Review: Deliverance by James Dickey

Short Attention Span Review™ Deliverance 4.0 "Survival depends -- well, it depends on having to survive. The kind of life I'm talking about depends on its being the last chance. The very last of all." While two of the characters …

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Review: Halting State by Charles Stross

Short Attention Span Review™ Halting State 2.5 Charles Stross' Halting State boils down to the following: If you strip away the near future technology, all the geeky terminology, and all the slang, what you're left with is a convoluted and …

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Review: The Red Wing

Short Attention Span Review™ The Red Wing 2.0 There's really not much more to say about this disappointing science fiction graphic novel. The complex and interesting time travel premise is populated with flat characters and is just not given the …

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Review: Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks

Culture orbital

Short Attention Span Review™ Consider Phlebas 3.5 Consider Phlebas is a fair to middling space opera novel and the beginning of Banks' Culture Series. Unfortunately, while the novel is rife with adventure and mayhem, the reader never gets the grand …

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Review: Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds

Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds

Short Attention Span Review™ Absolution Gap 4.0 A compelling ending to The Inhibitor Trilogy that contains Reynolds' normal and twisted (in some cases grotesquely SICK) gothic space opera elements. But if you inadvertently pick it up assuming its a standalone …

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Review: The Forever War by Joe Haldeman

The Forever War

Short Attention Span Review™ The Forever War 4.0 All in all I found The Forever War a thought provoking and entertaining read, with many parallels to the the experiences war veterans go through during combat and when they return home …

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Review: Slow River by Nicola Griffith

Slow River

Short Attention Span Review™ Slow River 2.5 Slow River is not a science fiction novel, despite having won a Nebula. But it is a novel that breaks down while alternating between a fairly interesting, tragic and sometimes disturbing life story, …

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