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Speculative fiction in literature.

Camouflage by Joe Haldeman

Short Attention Span Review™ Camouflage 3.0 Don't say I didn't warn you about the ending, and to call Camouflage a science fiction book is a stretch, and to award it a Nebula award was a crime. No offense Joe. User …

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Retro Review: Ringworld by Larry Niven

Short Attention Span Review™ Ringworld 3.0 What makes great science fiction writers "great" is the ability to capture a great concept while telling a compelling story. I could just as easily have read an article in a scientific journal and …

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The Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story

Short Attention Span Review™ The Real Story 4.0 The Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story is a vile repulsive story. Angus Thermopyle is one of the most despicable piece of antagonist trash I've had the pleasure to share a story …

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