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Huge // Christian Bravery

Infinispace – Huge // Christian Bravery

Showla lifted the hat from her shaded face and sniffed. The fresh, clean air of the plains held a tinge of corruption she had never smelled before. She sat up slowly willing her lazy, sun warmed limbs to life. From …

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Microsoft Announces ‘Halo’ TV Series

Today Microsoft is unveiling their new gaming system, The Xbox One.  Certainly this is a big deal for Microsoft, gamers, and media, but they’ve dropped an equally big bomb.  In today’s announcement they’ve also reveals development of a live-action Halo …

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2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

2012 Nebula Award Winners Announced

In February the nominations for the 2013 Nebula Awards were announced.  This weekend those awards were handed out, and below is a list of the winners. The Nebula Award that is handed out by the Science Fiction Writers of America …

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Europa Report

‘Europa Report’ Trailer

The first full length trailer for Sharlto Copley’s (District 9, Elysium) new film Europa Report has hit the web. Europa Report is a docudrama that follow a crew on a private mission to Europa to explore for extraterrestrial life.  Europa …

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‘Riddick’ Official Trailer

Richard Riddick is back, and he’s brought friends!  Enemy of my enemy…friend of mine.  The first official full length trailer has been released for Riddick, the follow on to The Chronicles of Riddick, and it feels a lot more like …

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Tape by Jason Coffman

‘Tape’ Horror Short by Jason Coffman

Mr. Lake provides unusual services to people with unusual problems.  Jim Carston has such a problem and Mr. Lake agrees to take care of the problem under the contingency that Mr. Carston take delivery of a tape that documents the …

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Sleepy Hollow

Trailer for ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Series

The first thing you may be asking yourself is:  Who asked for a television series about Sleepy Hollow?  Furthermore, after watching the trailer below, you may ask yourself:  Why did FOX turn Sleepy Hollow in to yet another police procedural, …

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The End // Paul Chadeisson

Infinispace – The End // Paul Chadeisson

The dreadnaught dropped out of shelldrive after shooting the gap through the constellation of Virgo and continuing another 900 light years, give or take.  Celestially speaking the stop was in the middle of nowhere, a dead end waypoint not worth …

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Red Shirts

2013 Locus Awards Finalists

The Locus Science Fiction Foundation has announced their 2013 nominees in each category.  Below is a partial list of the nominees.  The winners will be announced at the end of June. As usual there are some surprises, namely another John Scalzi nomination …

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Messenger // Yuan Zhang

Infinispace – Messenger // Yuan Zhang

“Hey mister!  My balloon!” the boy cried at the speeding Necro.  “Come back!” The Necro laughed maniacally and mechanically as he swivelled his masked head back to the balcony on which sat a now despondent boy.  Serves the sniveling rat right for being …

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Gravity Official Teaser Trailer

Warner Bros. has just released the official teaser trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s (Children of Men) new space flick Gravity.  Gravity stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as astronauts who become stranded in Earth orbit after a destructive accident takes out their shuttle …

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Spock vs. Spock in Audi Commercial

Spock vs. Spock in Audi Commercial

Old Spock Leonard Nimoy Vs New Spock Zachary Quinto from Star Trek Into Darkness.   The race is on to a golf course, loser buys lunch.  Leonard Nimoy sings the Bilbo Baggins song. Vulcan nerve pinch for the win!  Hilarious. …

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Apex Magazine #48

Apex Magazine #48 Released

Apex Publications has released issue 48 of its twice Hugo nominated eZine! This issue contains fiction by E. Lily Yu, Emily Jiang, Douglas F. Warrick, and Joe R. Lansdale, poetry from Shira Lipkin, nonfiction by Sigrid Ellis, an interview of …

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Zodiac by Neal Stephenson

Review: Zodiac by Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson is one of my favorite authors. But unfortunately Zodiac is not one of my favorite books. Neal Stephenson Zodiac is named after the rigid inflatable boat that is popular with environmentalists and some military organizations.  They are light, …

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