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  • Neal Ulen

    Neal Ulen

    Editor/Webmaster - Engineer by training, nerd by passion. Speculative fiction has influenced me since I was a kid, guiding me to the career I have now, and likely saving me from myself during times in my young life when the path was fraught with a minefield of choices. I dabble in tech, game, film, fiction, and writing. These are my true passions, and have been since the summer of '77.
  • Amy Ulen

    Amy Ulen

    Editor - Life long teacher, Shakespearean, Trekkie, geek, Harry Potter freak, scrapbooker, guest blogger . . .
  • Caroline


    Contributor - Caroline is a gaming blogger with a passion for speculative fiction. Merging the best of both worlds, No Man’s Sky is one of her favorite new releases of 2016.
  • Michael


    Contributor - Gamer, geek, engineer, guest blogger, taco fiend . . . and stuff.
  • Neal & Amy Ulen

    Neal & Amy Ulen

    Nerds - Long time married couple who enjoy Harry Potter, gothic space opera, Star Wars, books, musicals, gaming, Shakespeare, gadgets, and movies . . . not necessarily in that order, and often mutually exclusively. They own seven versions of The Lord of the Rings and zero versions of Twilight.