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Sci-Fi Short Friday: Atropa

An off-world detective investigates the missing research vessel Atropa in this science fiction short by Eli Sasich.  It pay homage to classic 80s movies like Alien, with a slight twist of time travel (or time dilation).  Atropa‘s production value is extremely high for a short, but it leaves more answers hanging than it ever intended on answering . . . and I think that’s the point.

One interesting thing to note is that the word “atropa” comes from a genus of plants, one of which is belladonna which is extremely toxic which can cause delirium and hallucinations.  The origin of the word “atropa” is from Atropos, one of the Three Fates.  She was the goddess who chose the mechanism of death and ended the life of mortals by cutting their life threads.

Hmmmm . . .

Note:   Sci-Fi Short Friday is a feature to showcase compelling shorts before the kickoff of the movie going weekend.  Every week I’ll try to dig up what I think are the coolest science fiction (or fantasy, or horror) short I can find.  If you have any recommendations, drop me a message.

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