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Weekend Box Office: May 1-3, 2015

As expected Avengers: Age of Ultron wrecked the competition at the weekend box office.  It raked in a monstrous $188 million domestically.  Ultron opened in foreign markets last weekend and has pulled in $439 million, bringing the total box office to $627 million worldwide.  Take the table below in.  Age of Ultron made 30 times more money than second place The Age of Adaline.  30 . . . time.  If you scale it by screen average, Age of Ultron made almost $44,000 per screen, while The Age of Adaline made  $2000 per screen.  That’s still a factor of 22.  Pretty astounding dominance.

This wasn’t even a record weekend!  The record is $207 million, held by . . . The Avengers (2012).  Evidence that mindless action once again dominates the charts.

If you’re not a fan of huge theaters full of mewling moviegoers staring at their glowing jeejahs, stuffing their faces with noisy food, or getting up every five minutes . . . this would have been the perfect weekend to see any of the movies listed 2-9, because very few people saw any of those movies.

North American Weekend Box Office: May 1-3, 2015

This Week Last Week Film Weekend Gross
1 New Avengers: Age of Ultron $187,656,000
2 3 The Age of Adaline $6,250,000
3 1 Furious 7 $6,114,000
4 2 Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 $5,550,000
5 4 Home (2015) $3,300,000
6 12 Cinderella (2015) $2,357,000
7 6 Ex Machina $2,231,000
8 5 Unfriended $1,988,000
9 7 The Longest Ride $1,700,000
10 10 Woman in Gold $1,681,000

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