Juggler of Worlds by Stephan Martiniere

Juggler of Worlds by Stephan Martiniere

Juggler of Worlds by Stephan Martiniere
Concept art of the day:  Juggler of Worlds by Stephan Martiniere.

Somewhere near the 5th Dimensional Nebulo 9 . . .

Ziltoid:  Yesssss, I feel like a little bit of entertainment.  Time to destroy a planet.  Which one shall it be?  This one?  No.  Too feeble.  This one?  Yes perhaps, yes. Indeed, this one shall do nicely.  Commander!

Commander Squizloid:  Yes, Captain Ziltoid?

Ziltoid:  Divert all the power from the main engines to the front guns.

Commander Squizloid:  Yes, Captain Ziltoid. Will there be anything else?

Ziltoid:  Take 90% of the surplus power, and divert it towards the sonar awakening device.

Commander Squizloid:  Aye aye, Captain.

Ziltoid:  We must summon the 6th Dimensional Planet Smasher.  I feel like a bit of fun . . . summon him!

Planet Smasher:  Who dares awaken the Planet Smasher?!

Ziltoid:  It is I, the 4th Dimensional Ziltoid the Omniscient!

Herman, The Planet Smasher:  Foul pest! And by the way the name’s Herman.  And I hate musicals!

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  • You should link this to the song, as well. I like how you combine all forms of art to use as creative inspiration. I will admit that I like it best when you write in response to the artwork. Your ability to tell a story is impressive. I really admire and enjoy your creativity!