Drop Mech Glider by Al Brady

Drop Mech Glider by Al Brady
Concept art of the day:
 Drop Mech Glider by Al Brady.

Fortinbras’ mechglider burst through the cloud deck, its leading edges still glowing from the heat of atmospheric re-entry and its shock wave leaving behind an ever expanding hole through which faint blue sky could be seen.  He was just off Hamlet’s right wing who’s glider was on autopilot since the youth had no experience with military drops, or much experience with anything outside the protective social structure of his Techspire.  Fortinbras had made the risky choice to leave his ship safely in orbit lest he be caught violating the planetary blockade he was ordered to staunchly enforce.  He was putting his neck on the line, but his curiosity had gotten the best of him after his inadvertent rescue of Hamlet and the subsequent tale he had told.  It was either the most fantastical and improbable tale Fortinbras had ever heard, or one of the most sinister.

He scanned the desolate ruin of the Earth below looking for a suitable and secure site to bring Hamlet back home from his short exile.

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  • Love this! I can’t wait to read more.

  • Al Brady

    I love this!
    I drew the picture but the story completes it!!
    What happens next????

    • Hi Al. Not sure if you’ll see this post, but love this piece!

      I have several art prompt writings that are from a re-telling of Hamlet (and future Shakespeare works), that’s a mix of dystopia (something is rotten is the state of Denmark), space opera (Fortinbras’ want to invade Denmark), and cyberpunk (many dream, sleep, and suicide themes). Some artwork I run across reminds me of scenes from the re-telling (or setting) so I jot them down and post them. This was one of them.

      You can find some others by clicking on the Hamlet tag above, or this: http://infinispace.net/tag/hamlet/

      Thanks for the comment!