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The Site by Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña

The Site by Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña


The ship was as old as a tomb, and just as quiet.  In fact, it probably was a tomb but it would be days before the expedition would be able to crack the hull in a safe manner in order to enter.  Scans indicated the interior was not flooded, which was a miracle considering the hulk had been submerged in the Indian Ocean for almost 20,000 years.  Years of painstaking research and preparation had lead up to this point, and in a mere matter of hours Horus would be walking the corridors of an alien ship that has been lost from its home for 200 centuries.


But something at the back of Horus’ mind troubled him as he stood on the rise surveying the ship in the blue gloom and listening to his own exhales gurgle away to the surface.  It was like an subtle itch that couldn’t be scratched.  What if this ship wasn’t lost?  What if this ship wasn’t dormant?  What if it was just patiently waiting . . . ?


Concept art of the day:  The Site by Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña.


The Site by Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña

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