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Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill Predicts The Force Awakens Plot in 1983

In 1983 Mark Hamill gave this prescient interview in which he reveals, probably fairly accurately, what the plot of Episode VII would be and when it would be released.  In the short video Hamill reveals that George Lucas approached him to play an Obi-Wan-like elder Jedi for a movie that would be released circa 2011.  In it he would be handing the equivalent of “Excalibur” down to a new generation of Jedi.

I doubt the “Excalibur” portion is correct, but surely a handing of the Jedi torch happens during The Force Awakens . . . and the release was only missed by a few years.  We only have a year to wait until we find out how prescient Mark and George really were.

Until then . . . enjoy!

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