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Mass Effect 4 First Peak

As a fan of both science fiction, gaming and storytelling I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a huge Mass Effect fan.  Not obsessively so in that I collect figures, mouse pads, or comics (thought I do have a couple shirts) . . . but enough of a fan that I’ve played through the original trilogy a few times, and plan to play through it again.

When Mass Effect 3 drew to a close, and many fans rioted due to an ending that I thought was perfectly acceptable, I was a little sad.  Commander Shepard was no more, the entire galaxy was thrown into chaos and it looked like that was the end of the franchise.  But fans can rejoice.  But today at E3 Bioware unveiled a sneak peak at what’s coming for fans of the Mass Effect universe.  New settings.  New characters.  New Stories.  A new age.

I can’t wait!  But I’ll have to.  Probably release isn’t until late 2015.  /sad


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