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The Art of Stephan Martiniere

Stephan Martiniere is a French born science fiction and fantasy artist best known for his numerous and highly imaginative book covers which currently numbers greater than 100.  But his talent and influence go far beyond that.  He’s contributed concept art to many blockbuster films including Tron: Legacy, Star Wars Episodes II & III, The Fifth Element, and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy as well as many others.

Stephan MartiniereStephan has worked in the video game industry (Myst series, Rage, Mortal Kombat), animation industry, the collectible card game industry (Magic: The Gathering) and theme park industry.  Over the past two decades he has won 37 awards including a 2008 Hugo Award for best professional artist.

His book covers focus on futuristic urban settings and space vistas.  One characteristic of his paintings is a monochromatic feel where the color of the work looks to be based on a single (or similar) hue with very little color variation.  Below are some examples from his huge portfolio of work.  For more examples please visit his official website below.


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  • Tlirik

    Incredible artwork! His SF book covers are some of my favorites.