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The Art of Les Edwards

Les Edwards is a British artist who was born in 1949.  He studied at the Hornsey College of Art from 1968 to 1972.  Shortly after finishing school he was recruited by the Young Artists Agency and has been a professional illustrator for the past thirty- five years.

Les EdwardsEarly in his career Les worked in advertising, then later moved into graphic novels, book covers, and film industry work, eventually migrating almost exclusively to fantasy, science fiction and horror illustrations.  His horror illustrations are often referred to as his “red period” as he used that color to portray the blood and gore of that genre.  Later he moved to what he calls his “blue period.”  These trends can clearly be seen in the example works in the gallery below.

Les is best known for his work in British book covers, having done work for Frank Herbert, H.G. Wells, Jack Vance, Anne McCaffrey, Robert E. Howard, Terry Pratchett, and others.

In recent years Les has taken to painting under the pseudonym Edward Miller in order to do a different kind of work and use a more romantic style. A separate website of Edward Miller work can be found at www.edwardmiller.co.uk.

Awards / Nominations:

  • Seven time recipient of the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist
  • Five times nominated for a World Fantasy Award five times
  • One time Wold Fantasy Award winner
  • Five time recipient of the Chesley Award

You can find many more examples of his work at:  http://www.lesedwards.com/

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