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R.I.P. Iain M. Banks

Sad news has come along that noted (science) fiction writer Iain Banks has succumbed to his terminal gallbladder cancer.  It was only two short months ago that Iain released a statement that he’d been diagnosed with the illness.  Since that time it was his goal to withdraw from the public spotlight, see his final book published (The Quarry, at the end of June) as well as to ask his current partner, Adele, to do him the honor of “becoming his widow” and go on a short honeymoon.  To my knowledge Iain accomplished all of these things.

Iain wrote many contemporary novels using the name Iain Banks, and all of his science fiction work using the slightly longer Iain M. Banks.  He’s most famously known for his book The Wasp Factory and for his Culture series of science fiction novels.

He was 59 years young.

His last public statement on the matter is posted on his website:  http://www.iain-banks.net/


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  • TronSheridan

    Sad news indeed. Time to break out my Culture books. RIP.